Reforming Policing and The Criminal Justice System

We have come a long way from the days of 700,000 stop-and-frisks a year that were dramatically over-concentrated in communities of color. But we still have a long, long way to go if we believe that black and brown lives matter and if we want a city of genuinely equal justice for all. This will require strong efforts at both advancing police reform and accountability and reforming our criminal justice system.

Key Campaign #1: "Right to Counsel" for NYC

Currently, immigrant New Yorkers have no permanent right to counsel, meaning that, when someone faces deportation or detention but cannot afford an attorney, there is no guarantee they will find an attorney to represent them. That means a large number of some of the most vulnerable people in our city - many of them families seeking asylum with children - could face the threat of deportation without representation. 

In the face of an administration seeking to deport immigrants who have helped make our city what it is, and who may have a right to lawfully remain in the United States, New York City must lead the way in putting forth legislation that protects immigrants from deportation and detention through a right to an attorney to represent them in deportation proceedings. This right to an attorney should include detained and non-detained immigrants facing proceedings and be permanently enshrined as a right in New York. We must fight to keep immigrant New Yorkers here with their families. 

Preserve NYC's "Sanctuary City" policies

As a sanctuary city, we will not let President Trump transform state and local police enforcement into federal agents. We will refuse to release records from NYPD, Department of Education, and IDNYC, and protect information related to a person's immigration status. We believe there is a direct connection between the criminalization of people of color and immigrants and their vulnerability to out-of-control immigration enforcement, and that true "sanctuary" also requires addressing this problem. 

Preserve the Social Safety net

We will fight strenuously against federal cuts. We will not allow Trump to impose austerity on NYC. If necessary, we will push for revenue increases - as progressive as we can make them, in a city where the wealthiest pay far less than their fair share - to preserve the safety net that protects our city's most vulnerable communities. 


Support Reproductive health services & Providers

We will protect the rights of women and all New Yorkers to access reproductive health care from the attacks of the Trump Administration. Regardless of Federal action or funding, we will expand access and fully fund reproductive health service providers. 

Defend New yorkers' Human Rights

As President Trump continues to endorse policies of bias, xenophobia, and hate, it is now more important that ever to fund new capacity for the NYC Commission on Human Rights. NYC should expand the Commission's Law Enforcement Bureau, responsible for investigating, prosecuting and resolving complaints of discrimination, harassment, and bias-based profiling, to protect New Yorkers during this time of heightened intolerance.