Aggressively Combating Climate Change

Our planet faces an existential crisis, and our must vulnerable communities will suffer the gravest consequences of climate change. We must transition rapidly to 100% clean energy and a far more resilient city.

Key Campaign #16: Climate Works for All

With the Trump Administration rolling back climate protections and proposing to devastate the EPA budget, cities are more important than ever in the fight to reduce emissions. New York City should take the lead by passing bold climate legislation. New York City alone produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 97 countries, with over 70% of this pollution coming from buildings. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, we must take aggressive action and require the retrofitting of both private and public buildings to reduce emissions and energy use, and use this as an opportunity to create good jobs.

We support legislation to:

  • Mandate Retrofits of All Large Private Buildings - Owners of large buildings should be required to implement “full-building retrofits” to lower emissions and energy use.
  • Upgrade NYC (Retrofit Public Buildings) - New York City should retrofit all of its public buildings for energy efficiency and emissions reduction, with installation of solar and renewable energy wherever feasible, over the next five years.
  • Reinforce Job Standards - With these mandates creating thousands of jobs, we should uphold wage, safety, and hiring standards and build on set standards for public projects.

Zero Waste to Landfills by 2030 

The City needs to eliminate the need to send our waste to out-of-state landfills, thus minimizing the overall environmental impact of our trash. We support policies that help NYC become a world leader in solid-waste management and achieve Zero Waste by 2030.