Building a progressive
NYC from the ground up. 


Electing progressive champions
to the New York City Council. 

New York City has long been a beacon of progressive values. The City Council’s Progressive Caucus has fought successfully in this tradition to build a more just and equal city. 

Together, we’ve improved lives for workers from fast-food to freelance, reduced discriminatory stop-and-frisk, and won access-to-counsel for low-income tenants facing evictions. We’ve reformed the City Council, improved our campaign finance laws, and spread participatory budgeting across NYC. 

Today, we face a stark new reality. The bigotry, injustice, and corruption of the Trump regime threaten the well-being of our people, the progress we’ve made, and the deepest values of our democracy. 

At this critical moment, we commit to fierce resistance and insistent progress. We will resist the threats to immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ New Yorkers and the shredding of the social safety net. But resistance alone is not enough. In NYC, we must win progress toward a fairer economy, more affordable neighborhoods, more equal schools, and a more sustainable city.

Change starts from the ground up. In 2017, we have a chance to renew our democracy, commit to resistance, and make progress right here in New York City – by electing progressive champions to the New York City Council. 

We need your help to do it.

All three candidates at the Women's March in New York City. 

All three candidates at the Women's March in New York City. 

Meet Our Candidates

We're pleased to announce early endorsements for three women-of-color for open City Council seats: Carlina Rivera (District 2), Diana Ayala (District 8), and Marjorie Velazquez (District 13). The Progressive Caucus Alliance is proud to stand behind these progressive champions at this urgent moment for civil liberties, human rights, and gender equality.

Today, only 13 out of 51 members of City Council are women (down from 18 in 2009). Simply put, we are failing to fairly represent the women of New York City.  

Carlina, Diana, and Marjorie will bring new perspectives, powerful voices, and hard work for resistance and progress to the New York City Council.


What We Fight For

Our 2017 election-year platform calls for fierce resistance and insistent progress [coming soon].


Who We Are

The NYC Council Progressive Caucus Alliance is a diverse group of City Council Members working together for a more just and equal city.


We Need You!

At this critical moment, please sign up to contribute, fundraise, knock doors, and make calls to help elect progressive champions to the NYC Council.